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The Takers are Storming the Gates!


“The subject of tax is always a sensitive one. I think it’s important to point out that An Act to Invest doubles the personal exemption so it reduces the burden on middle-income families. I think that’s an important part of this proposal,” Sen. Jamie Eldridge (D-Acton) told the News Service. “I would just say as far as the people’s reaction, I just finished up town hall meetings throughout my district, and the priorities were investing in local aid, transportation, health care and the environment.”

Eldridge said that because House Speaker Robert DeLeo and Senate President Therese Murray have said they are “open” to new revenue proposals, “I think this is the session to consider that.”

“We’re open to other proposals,” said campaign co-chairwoman Rebekah Gewirtz who is a lobbyist for the Massachusetts chapter of the National Association of Social Workers and an alderwoman in Somerville. She said that as long as another proposal met the twin aims of “fairness and substantial new revenue,” the group would consider it.

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