The members of the Harvard Republican Town Committee consist of enrolled members of the Republican Party who reside in the Town of Harvard. We are a voice for common sense in our community.

We are dedicated to gathering individuals together for the purpose of advancing a conservative agenda of small government, limited taxation, individual liberty and individual responsibility while protecting fundamental basics such as public safety and public education. We champion job creation, entrepreneurship, and small businesses.

We also will support candidates for town, state, and federal elections who share the ideals that government should limit its role to its constitutional responsibilities and promote individual rights as our founding fathers intended.

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Monday, 11 October 2010 14:48

Benson Doesn't Walk the Talk…

Letter to the Editor - Harvard Press (printed October 22), Harvard Hillside, Harvard Post (printed October 22)

I was very disappointed to learn that while my current State Rep. Jen Benson says her top priority is to protect local aid and look out for the interests  of her towns, her actions and votes don't always agree with her words. She followed the Democrat leadership in a party-line vote that turned over her legislative duty and responsibility to the Governor, allowing him to cut $128 million from lottery aid and other assistance to towns. Again following the party line, she voted to kill three amendments that would have provided a gas tax exemption for municipalities, restored $273 million in local aid cuts, and required allocating to local aid 50% of any revenue surpluses. Jen Benson campaigns on the importance of local aid, but stood by while Democrat and union leadership went behind closed doors and removed the most important aspect of the "Municipal Relief" bill. I want my next Representative to vote with the interest of the towns and voters in mind, not that of the party and unions. It is clear from her union endorsements as well as post cards that I have been receiving from those unions that Jen Benson will be looking out for their interests over mine and the towns'. Her votes prove that, too. I encourage you to join me in voting for Kurt Hayes on November 2nd.

Bonnie Chandler


Urges a vote for Hayes and Golnik

Letter to the Editor - Harvard Press (printed October 15), Hillside (printed October 22), Harvard Post

Benson and Tsongas share a fondness for anti-corporate rhetoric and anti-business policies, and consistently vote to increase the role and power of government, particularly via taxation. Benson rails against "corporate special interests," and has vilified local employer IBM, seemingly ignorant of the key role played by such corporations in sustaining local municipal budgets, employing thousands in our neighborhoods, and creating opportunity for our children. Tsongas supports the Obama/Pelosi/Reid line, including trillion-dollar deficits, government bailouts and takeovers, and "Obamacare," which has already threatened existing health coverage for millions.

Harvard residents who prefer single-party rule to checks and balances, and who believe that local employers are a greater threat to their family's financial health than is Beacon Hill, may want Jen Benson to continue as part of the Democrats' 90 percent super majority. Harvard residents who wish that Nancy Pelosi lived in Still River, rather than San Francisco, may be happy to have Niki parroting Nancy, as a dutiful member of our state's all-Democrat delegation to Washington

Around the country and the world, however, people are realizing that the only sustainable path is that away from the creation of debt and toward the creation of value, away from big government and toward markets and individualism, away from tax-funded bailouts and handouts and toward responsibility. Now is the time for Harvard voters to choose that same path. Kurt Hayes and Jon Golnik will vote to reduce taxation, to support the businesses that employ and serve us, and to return power to the people. They will work to enable future generations to thrive, rather than being suffocated by our legacy of a crushing burden of debt and bloated government. I urge all residents to vote for Kurt Hayes and Jon Golnik on Nov. 2.

Bill Barton


Letter to the Editor - Harvard Press (printed October 15), Hillside (printed October 15), Harvard Post (printed October 22)


Election is a chance to reform state government

The abuses currently taking place in our state government are embarrassing, and re-electing the incumbents (90 percent of them in the House are Democrats) will likely increase the tax burden on all Massachusetts taxpayers. Our last three speakers of the House have all been indicted—that is of great concern.

I am voting for Kurt Hayes, who will bring balance to Beacon Hill, not only as a Republican to balance the one-sided Democrat-dominated House, but as a businessman, with great skills of working with various points of view to reach the common goal and common sense solutions.

Kurt has run a very honest and open campaign. Kurt is holding two town-hall style meetings in every town in our district to meet and answer voters' questions face to face. He also participated in two debates with the Democratic incumbent, Jen Benson. I attended the debate in Shirley and was put off by Ms. Benson's attitude. She can't rest on her voting record—she promised in her 2008 campaign not to raise taxes. Yet, the first bill she introduced was to put a new tax on plastic bags at grocery stores.

Kurt is endorsed by the Citizens for Limited Taxation, while they give his incumbent opponent a 7 percent rating, based on her actual voting record in the 20 months she has been in office. Results speak louder than words.

Do you like the way things are going in Massachusetts with superficial reforms and big tax increases, or are you ready to vote in new leaders like Kurt Hayes who realize the working families of our state cannot afford more taxes and deserve honest government? We must reform state government and start to live within our means.

Julie Rembrandt Seeley


Letter to the Editor - Harvard Press (printed October 8), Hillside (printed October 8), Harvard Post (printed October 15)

Hayes Has the Experience Beacon Hill Needs

I am an “unenrolled” registered voter who will cast a ballot for Kurt Hayes to represent our District as State Representative. Kurt has the background, experience, and commitment required to address the substantial problems that our Democratic-dominated state government has burdened the citizens of Massachusetts with—higher taxes, a looming $2 Billion annual deficit next year, $22 Billion in unfunded pensions for state workers, and a 9% unemployment rate.

The incumbent Democrats proudly talk about their accomplishments last session, trying to convince us that they are making strides to tackle these big issues.  When you dig under the surface, you’ll discover they are merely picking off “the low hanging fruit”.  They are unwilling to tackle these financial problems head on because it will alienate their core supporters--unions and those who benefit from the status quo.  We need a new crop of elected officials on Beacon Hill.

Kurt will bring his solid business background to help “Balance Beacon Hill”, and add a much-needed perspective to the lawyer and career politician dominated State House.  Kurt has a 20-year career with IBM and a BS in Business.  Our current incumbent has a BA in Art History with 5 years experience on the Lunenburg School Committee prior to her 20 months as our State Representative.  

Kurt is committed to remedy the problems he sees and is not willing to be a by-stander.  He co-founded the LymeLITE organization when his son came down with Lyme disease, and fought hard to advocate for and secure passage of a new law in the state to protect doctors who aggressively treat this disease for their patients.  He is now willing to put his career on a part time basis to devote the time necessary to address Massachusetts’ problems so our, our children and grandchildren’s futures are more secure.  Kurt is motivated to fix problems…not to become a career politician.   Kurt will push to reform and simplify government so we can reduce state spending and our taxes, and create an environment of job creation.

I urge you to check his website to review his clear stand on issues of importance (, and I hope you’ll conclude as I have, that Kurt Hayes deserves your vote for State Representative on November 2.

John W. Seeley


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