The members of the Harvard Republican Town Committee consist of enrolled members of the Republican Party who reside in the Town of Harvard. We are a voice for common sense in our community.

We are dedicated to gathering individuals together for the purpose of advancing a conservative agenda of small government, limited taxation, individual liberty and individual responsibility while protecting fundamental basics such as public safety and public education. We champion job creation, entrepreneurship, and small businesses.

We also will support candidates for town, state, and federal elections who share the ideals that government should limit its role to its constitutional responsibilities and promote individual rights as our founding fathers intended.

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Hayes / Golnik Standout Friday Morning (10/29) in Harvard!

Sister RTC Booth at 10/9/10 Harvard Flea Market PDF Print E-mail

The Sister RTC Booth at the 10/9/10 Harvard Flea Market was a smashing success!  It was a beautiful day with perfect weather.

Many thanks to surrounding town RTCs who participated and to those who staffed the booth, inflated helium balloons and gave away "Golnik Pumpkins":  Bill Barton, Harvard RTC; Margie Brandon, Acton RTC; Brian Burke, Stow RTC; Jim DeZutter, Harvard RTC; Alan Frazer, Harvard RTC; Fred Hinchcliffe, Harvard RTC, Mike Hruby, Boxborough RTC; Ted Kirchner, Bolton RTC, Pam Marston, Harvard RTC,  Marylin Morgan, Harvard RTC, Jack Mileski, Stow RTC, Nelson Northern, Harvard RTC; Julie Rembrandt Seeley, Harvard RTC; John Seeley, Harvard RTC; Debbie Skauen-Hinchcliffe, Harvard RTC; and Fred Van Bennekom, Bolton RTC.

Brian is convincing a voter, while Jim inflates balloons (left).  Margie, Jack, Kurt, Marylin & Julie working the booth. (right).

George Thompson (State Senate Candidate) & Kurt Hayes (State Representative Candidate) pose together
and Jon Golnik is interviewed by a reporter from the Weekly Standard.

"Munchkin" invites people to our booth in his campaign shirt.

George Thompson's "Jamie Eldridge as the Taxman" PDF Print E-mail
Friday, 08 October 2010 09:46

Kurt Hayes / Sen. Scott Brown Meet and Greet at the Harley House on 9/18/10 PDF Print E-mail

Sen. Brown is greeted by the crowd and Sen. Mary Padula makes introductions.

Sen. Brown and Kurt address the audience

Several members of the Harvard RTC enjoyed a lovely event on the lawn of the Harley House, truck included.

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"Conversations with Kurt" at the 8/24/10 Harvard Republican Town Committee Meeting PDF Print E-mail

HRTC Chair Bill Barton Introduces Kurt Hayes, Candidate for 
37th Middlesex District State Representative

Kurt answers questions from the audience

"Women for Kurt" Event at the Harley House on 8/22/10 PDF Print E-mail

Senator Mary Padula makes introductions and Lauren Baker outlines the goals of "Women for Kurt"

Bolton Fair Standout PDF Print E-mail

Allan Van Wert, John Seeley, Kyle the Republican Poodle & 
Julie Rembrandt Seeley at the Baker/Tisei Standout waving 
to people en route to the Bolton Fair!


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