The members of the Harvard Republican Town Committee consist of enrolled members of the Republican Party who reside in the Town of Harvard. We are a voice for common sense in our community.

We are dedicated to gathering individuals together for the purpose of advancing a conservative agenda of small government, limited taxation, individual liberty and individual responsibility while protecting fundamental basics such as public safety and public education. We champion job creation, entrepreneurship, and small businesses.

We also will support candidates for town, state, and federal elections who share the ideals that government should limit its role to its constitutional responsibilities and promote individual rights as our founding fathers intended.

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8/11/12 Standout en route to Bolton Fair

Thomas from Groton, John & "Reagan" from Harvard RTC, Ted and Pete from
Bolton RTC.

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HRTC Endorses Golnik


Harvard, MA
August 10, 2012    

The Harvard Republican Town Committee (HRTC) has endorsed Jon Golnik for Congress.  Golnik has launched a second bid for this congressional seat against Democrat Niki Tsongas in the newly created 3rd Congressional District.  In 2010, Golnik fell short against Tsongas but attained a milestone:  the greatest number of votes of any Republican in a congressional bid since 1992 in our district.   Golnik stands for fiscal sanity according to Chairman of the HRTC,  Jim DeZutter.   "Further", commented DeZutter,  "the committee supports Golnik's message of smaller government and the reigning in of the federal deficit."  Jon recently spoke out against Tsongas' commitment to nix the extension of the existing tax cuts for everyone stating "we can't tax and spend our way out of this crisis."  Golnik spoke to the group recently and touted his strong stance on jobs, fiscal restraint and lower taxes.  

HRTC joins a growing list of organizations and leaders across the district who support Jon in his bid for Congress.  Jon Golnik has already been endorsed by the Groton, Shirley, Concord and Carlisle RTC's.  Jon has also received endorsements from Senator Scott Brown, Governor Paul Cellucci, and Charlie Baker.

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Weaver asks “Where was Rep. Tsongas?“


August 1, 2012

Saturday in Lowell, the Veterans Assisting Veterans organization, held a motorcycle ride and concertat the Lowell Memorial Auditorium to benefit American War Widows, American Veterans with Brain Injuries and the Massachusetts Fallen Heroes Memorial. It was attended by some of the areas’ politicians and candidates but noticeably absent was Representative Niki Tsongas. “I am quite surprised that our Congresswoman was nowhere to be found “, stated Veteran Tom Weaver. “This event was advertised as a non-political event for the benefit of veterans who have given so much for this Nation.”

Read the entire article at:

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Post 4th of July Parade 2012

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We Don't Have a MA Revenue Problem, Mr. Eldridge. We Have a Debt and Spending Problem

by: DeanCavaretta
Wed May 02, 2012

There have been many media outlets that have been broadcasting the recent volatility with the stock market as if the Allies liberated Europe on V-E Day.

Not so fast. The Dow is the wrong metric to judge our collective fiscal health, and when any news reader takes to the airwaves to announce those numbers - he/she hopelessly under-states the weakness of the American or Massachusetts economy.

Elected officials keep ignoring the 800 pound gorilla in the room:  "It's the debt, stupid."
The cost of living, the lack of credit, and plummeting home values are combining to make ghost towns out of many main streets across Massachusetts. Too often for young and old, married with kids or single adults - they all simply wait to collect their pensions, finish their schooling or job training, and then they bolt the Commonwealth of Massachusetts for greener pastures.

And only select, crony and connected groups have truly been bailed out:

-Chase, Bank of America, Citibank, Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, etc.

-The CEOs of failed, start-up companies, (like Evergreen Solar or Solyndra), who have received millions to try and change consumer behavior in emerging markets not yet commercially viable.

Officials have not yet performed their number one duty to Massachusetts residents: Tell us the truth.

The truth is there may have to be another massive rescue plan akin to what the European Union finally came to terms with in the Greece debt crisis. Call it an "era of fiscal austerity" irrespective of market indexes or unemployment rates, led by substantial banking restructuring and large scale spending reform.

Only then will the free market be allowed to grow.
We have wasted years getting to the business of climbing out of this hole, and toxic assets still sit idle on our banks' balance sheets.That is true from Concord, MA to Lenox.

OUTRAGEOUS EXAMPLE: Under the infamous Troubled Asset Relief Program (TARP), according to Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner, in winter 2011 testimony, only $2 billion out of $700 billion (that is .3 of 1 percent) handed over to the big banks three years ago has actually been spent on homeowner loan modifications. The Secretary used the phrase "under performing" and conceded that under the toothless law, the banks are not compelled to help a single U.S. homeowner in distress.

So, programs widely marketed by President Obama, Gov. Patrick and State Sen. Eldridge as a "rescue panacea" are mostly voluntary and ripe with fraud and incompetence.  If the statistics above are not telling enough, all anyone on Beacon Hill would have to do is just ask any Massachusetts Realtor who has been brave enough to have stayed in the profession.
Dean Cavaretta
for State Senate
The Cavaretta Committee
P.O. Box 136
Stow, MA 01775
(978) 310-1245

"Putting Education and the Economy First"

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Judicial Conference in Hawaii

May 21, 2012 4:09pm
By Sunlen Miller@sunlenmille

In a scolding letter, two Republican senators blasted the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals for holding a lavish tax-payer funded judicial conference scheduled for this August in Maui, Hawaii, that “reads more like a vacation than a business trip.”

“We are concerned that using the tax dollars of the American people to pay for a conference of this sort is not the most appropriate use of funds,” Sen. Chuck Grassley, R-Iowa, and Sen. Jeff Sessions, R-Ala., wrote in a letter sent last week to Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals Chief Judge Alex Kozinski.

The court, which is based in San Francisco, has jurisdiction over nine states, including Hawaii.

The judicial conference is scheduled for Aug. 13 to Aug. 16  and features sport fishing, a golf tournament, yoga, surging lessons, stand-up paddle board lessons, Zumba dance classes, tennis, a day trip to the Upcountry Maui, a snorkel trip and an activity called the “Aloha Experience.”

The senators’ complaint comes after the General Services Administration was embarrassed for spending more than $800,000 on a conference in Las Vegas.

Read the entire article at:

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It’s Not Just Who is Warren…But Why?

Posted on April 20, 2012 at 2:30 pm

By Jim Hatherley
Chairman of the Westborough Republican Town Committee

Did it ever occur to you that as hard as you would like to learn, some things may just be beyond your understanding?  Here are a few of my examples:

  • College education costs - why do they increase greater than the inflation rate every year?
  • Why do traffic jams just suddenly clear up without any sign of the cause as you regain speed?
  • Despite the complaints about the inadequacies of one-party government, why are only 11% of Bay Staters registered as Republicans?

There are just so many things that defy rational explanation. And now, after seeing the headline that Elizabeth Warren had doubled Scott Brown in first quarter fund raising, I am having another of those moments. What can possibly qualify Elizabeth Warren for US Senator?

Read the entire article here

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10 Things You Need To Know About Obama's Second Term

Investors Business Daily

Election 2012: President Obama's campaign has come out swinging against Mitt Romney with a list of negatives about the presumptive GOP nod. But they pale next to the incumbent's.

The Obama-Biden campaign has released via its website the "5 Things You Need To Know About Mitt Romney." (

It thinks they will scare Americans into not voting for him.

Now for something really terrifying: a list of what Obama has in store for America in a second term if he can fool independents into voting for him again.

Click here to read those ten things:


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